Friday, 19 January 2018

The Swinging 60's

For hippies at heart, bold colour-popping reminiscent of hot sunny days.

High hemlines, micro-mini dresses and eye-catching shoe designs.
Big and beautiful, voluminous bouffant, bee hived buns, ringlets and bobbed hairstyles of the swinging '60s make for a super cute, glam look. Pillbox and large brimmed hats a la Audrey Hepburn or short veils are a popular accessory. Boho chic hair garlands were a top hit in 2017. Flower power... daisies the iconic flower of the ’60s in bouquets, lace and veils. The typical make-up style is pale of face, heavy on the mascara and eyeliner and bright on the lips.

Luminescent bright colours, London-bus red, shocking pink, day-glo and volcanic orange, zingy yellow and peacock blues and greens. An “Op Art” cake of visual illusions fits the ‘60s fun theme deliciously.

The “Sounds of the Sixties” make light-hearted fun pop music from the revolutionary ‘60s explosion and this vintage kitsch is a very happening thing!

Decorate tables with ‘60s crockery and ornaments, peace signs, daisies, op art or neon geometric patterns for the psychedelic look and this will give your 60's theme an authentic touch.

Make love not war... peace man!

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