Thursday, 18 January 2018

Roaring ’20s

A Roaring ’20s theme is a high-spirited whirl, full of dancing flappers, dapper gents and optimism. Glamour and glitz, gold and pearls, faux fur, feather boas, fascinators and Juliet caps, sexy seamed stockings, fringed, drop-waist dresses and bright red lipstick. Clean art deco designs and Gatsby opulence. Speakeasys, the Charleston and wild jazz, a 20's themed wedding is simply intoxicating.

For a summer wedding, a venue with big gardens to create your elegant, Gatsby-esque lawn party. Silver-spangled mesh table covers, candelabras dripping with pearl strands and peacock and ostrich feathers to add a flourish. Amuse your guests with croquet, badminton or bocce.

Set up a prohibition style bar and serve swanky beverages like gin rickeys, mint juleps,  “moonshine” and champagne cocktails. A champagne fountain is a must for your vibe, a cigar bar and even an art deco-inspired cake.

A vintage style gown featuring crystal and beaded detailing and soft dreamy fabrics, in ivory and bone.

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