Thursday, 25 January 2018


Mysterious and sophisticated, you can create a chic, dark, glamorous and dreamy fantasy atmosphere with this wedding theme. In a cemetery, spooky mansion, historic ruins or dark forest.
An elegant black tulle wedding dress, smokey eyes, black nails and black lace gloves and shoes, add a touch of blush, silver or blood red. A cascading bouquet of exquisite and fragrant deep red roses or stunning black calla lilies. Bridesmaids look gorgeous in black or deep purple lace or tulle with red bouquets.
Consider a horse-drawn Victorian carriage with black horses wearing ostrich plumes. Mist in the trees, candlelight, crystals, dark candelabras, purple lighting, An aisle strewn with black petals and lined with candles, black candles will add an extra dimension.
A Gothic inspired moody menu with red wine, and a spooky candy buffet heaped with dark chocolate and cherry and black macaroons. A tall and elegant black wedding cake with deep purple detail or white base cake with intricate black icing and blood red sugar roses.
Til death do us part...
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