Saturday, 30 November 2019


Fantasy fairytale or happily ever-after wedding - magical, ethereal and theatrical, a fantasy fairytale wedding is enchanting. Inspired by classic fairy tales Snow White, Beauty and the beast and Cinderella, this sweet and romantic theme will make you feel like a princess. With corsets, flower crowns, and moss. fairies, elves and imps, you can create a wonderful imaginative world, in a castle, by a river, in a vineyard or in an enchanted forest, trees draped in hanging lanterns and fairy lights. Walls and tables draped in royal fabrics and luxurious linens, sparkling chandeliers, glittering fairy-lights, silver candelabras and cake plateaus, plenty of pinks, perhaps a divine ice sculpture. A grand entrance, rose petals and romantic waltzing. A voluminous princess ballgown and substantial veil, floor-length or longer with hair dripping with ringlets, perhaps even glass or jewel encrusted slippers. Roses, peonies and stephanotis. in a hand-tied or large cascading bouquet. Fill your venue with as many beautiful blooms as you like. A pastel colour scheme will look like a fairy tale come to life. Nothing is sweeter than a fairytale-themed wedding cake, red velvet and dark chocolate, buttercream and ‘rose’ piping and delicate floral details. A royal repast with plenty of champagne. ... and they lived happily ever after. #IDoIDoIdo #ForBetterOrWorse #ForRicherOrPoorer #YouMayKissTheBride #Mr&Mrs #Mrs&Mrs #Mr&Mr #HereComesTheBride #Hitched #HappilyEverAfter #SealTheDeal #PutARingOnIt #DreamComeTrue #Adelaide #Wedding #Fleurieu #Marriage credit: LaurenElaineDesigns

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