Thursday, 28 June 2018

It's all about colour

The non-white wedding dress is trending. Frothy tulle gowns in delicate champagne, blush, rose and lavender hues and also bright nuances of purple, red and yellow. Brides are incorporating their favourite elements into their look, little accents of colour that reflect the couple and designs that flatter and make the bride feel her most beautiful.

Colour meanings:
white: light, goodness, innocence and purity
pink: love, romance and charm
purple: wisdom, dignity, mystery and magic
yellow: sunshine, happiness, joy and intelligence
orange: joy, happiness and affection
red: fire, passion and desire
blue: faith, truth, trust and loyalty
green: harmony, freshness and fertility
black: power, elegance and mystery
grey: sophistication and timelessness
gold: love, passion, magic and wealth
silver: glamour, grace, sophistication and wealth
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