Saturday, 26 May 2018

Tropical Destination

As the world shrinks and travel becomes easier and faster, tropical and exotic destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. Our friends and family from around the world can come together and celebrate the joyous occasion, and experience a new location and the excitement of another culture and environment.

Exotic destinations are big in 2018, especially in locations off-the-grid, where the couple and guests can be immersed in local culture and cuisine.
Some of these beautiful places include:
and any number of islands along the Great Barrier Reef

Lush tropical environments, colourful birds and butterflies, and barefoot on the sand, a destination wedding is romantic and magical.

Stick to local, colourful and fresh produce, delicious spices, loads of fresh fruit, the more interesting the better and incorporated into appetisers, desserts and cake.  Coconut and pineapple displays and bright tropical dishes. Cocktail stations and martini bars.
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