Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Autumn is all about colour – a bright and vibrant colour palate incorporating gold, bronze, the delicious reds, russets and yellows of autumn leaves will create an enchanting wedding theme.
Apples, pinecones and leaves sprayed in gold or bronze, strewn across the tablescape or placed in and around candle holders or hanging from the rafters will add a touch a glamour to a classic woodland scene; or simply add boughs full of glorious autumn colours.
A satisfying local produce menu with mini apple turnovers, figs, walnuts and pecans, mouthwatering cheeses, flavourful soups, smoked salmon, vegetable tarts, deserts and icecream full of fragrant spices, and caramel and candy. Delightful drinks like hot mulled cider, apple punch and warm buttered rum.
Choose bridesmaid dresses in rich colours like blackberry, deep red or chocolate, or creams and golds. A cascading bouquet of roses, gerberas and dahlias in your autumnal palate.
Autumn is such a lovely season.
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