Tuesday, 12 December 2017


A small and intimate boutique wedding gives you the opportunity to really focus on making your celebration unique and  a testimony to who you are as a couple. When you are hosting a small affair you can treat your guests with your best china and crystal and finest linen and perhaps a personalised quality  bomboniere at their seats. A small guest count enables you to extend your celebrations and create events surrounding the main affair to spend time with your friends and family.

A voyager couple who love to travel might choose a destination wedding with a few guests. On a Pacific Island, in exotic Asia, at the Blue Mountains, Tasmania, Byron Bay, Europe, Kangaroo Island or the Clare Valley, create a vacation with the folk you love the most. You might do something extra special for your guests like special messages delivered to their room with small personalised gratitude gifts or indulge in special events for quality time with members of your crew. 

For the couple who prefer to stay in their home surroundings, a shabby-chic backyard wedding can be just divine. A grilled or a potluck dinner with your guests favourite and best recipes could be a fun way to have casual dining on a very low budget.  A foodie couple might splurge on a  decadent gourmet meal, with a carvery or silver service. Just make sure to give your neighbours a courtesy note.

Your favourite place as a couple, perhaps where you had your first date, a winery, the movies, the beach, an art gallery even on a tram, might not normally host weddings but may be very happy for you to have a small, boutique affair with them. A non-traditional location will make a unique memory for you and your guests.

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